Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grey Street

2.30am on a Saturday Night I suddenly feel the need to start blogging again.

Now you don’t need the mandatory why I quit blogging, how much I missed it, and why I am back post. Right?

It’s been almost a year since I last blogged. But I am still as much of a mess as I was back then. I still over think and over analyze things till I have sucked on every minute detail to the extent that I lose the plot completely. I still tell myself I’m fine. I still have conversations in my head. Nasty conversations. I still feel I am a fighter. A new age avatar of SuperMan. And all it still takes is one good song on the radio to lift me up! Although alcohol also works just fine.

So yes it’s been a year! Any boy updates I’m sure you’re wondering. To which I would have to say.. Nothing major. Another year went by. Another boy. Another happy - can’t stop smiling – im having the best time of my life – is he the one – drunk giggly sessions – parties – late night snacks together – a million coffee sessions , and then, the pain – the vulnerability – tears – melancholy. It’s a loop. Life is a loop. And I should’ve known better by now... but all the chick flicks and Karan Johar movies, so bloody misleading!

All said and done. I am back. I don’t promise to be regular. But maybe once in a while when I need to rant I will come here. There’s only so much freedom that 140 characters on Twitter allows. For now, Scribble And A my only two readers.. I am Back!